About us

I made my oenological dream come true in 2009 with the foundation of my winery I Fracc, which I have been passionately running and continuously developing ever since.

Tradition and modernity. Nature and technology. This is how you could describe the I Fracc winery in a few words. The vines are at 280 metres above sea level, on the hills of Monte Carasso, a small village on the right side of the “Ticino”. The area where the grapes are grown and vinified combines modern architecture with ancient walls and is equipped with the latest technology for wine making.

The annual production is limited to 30’000 bottles and allows me to personally and carefully follow every step from the vineyard to the pressing, to the way into the bottle.

Company VitiVinicola I Fracc

Almost spontaneously and by chance the company VitiVinicola I Fracc was founded in 2009.

The winery is situated at 280 meters above sea level on the hills of Monte Carasso, on the right bank of the “Ticino”. It is divided into an old and a modern room where I vinify the grapes grown in the Bellinzona area.
An annual production of 30`000 bottles allows me to personally follow the evolution of my products step by step, from the vineyard to the cellar to the bottle.